Automatic Oval Screen Printing machine

High quality components

Top Print Intelligent proudly use high-end Panasonic Servomotors and PLCs from Japan to meet the high precision requirements.

Ease of operations

Japanese Panasonic servos and electronic components are used to ensure the service life and accuracy of the machine. Every single station is controlled by the main controller. Rapid control and settings to control individual printing stations.

Optional Extras

Screen printing presses are modular, this increases equipment stability and consistency. Additional extras can be added to extend the printing press to include flocking, pressing, DTG stations.

Reuse screens from manual processes

Use the same screens for both manual and automatic screen printing. No extra steps in preparing screens. 


Using thicker platens will help to make sure that there is no flex and provide better consistency.

Print on finished garments

Print on finished garments to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Increased Accuracy

Using advanced positioning systems, achieve a high degree of accuracy.

Bonus features

Our patented control of every single station allows for a single color to be printed multiple times using the same station. The timing of the drying and curing stations is also independent from the printing times.


Top Print Intelligent 4P 6P 8P 10P 12P 14P 16P 18P 20P
Platen Quantities 18pcs 22pcs 30pcs 36pcs 42pcs 48pcs 54pcs 60pcs 66pcs
Printing Color 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
Printing Size 55 x 80 (60 x 90) cm
Machine Length 888 cm 1094 cm 1300 cm 1506 cm 1712 cm 1918 cm 2124 cm 2330 cm 2536 cm
Machine Width 330 cm
Machine Height 165 cm
Power Supply A380V
Power Consumption 2.6kw 3.4kw 4.2kw 5.0kw 5.8kw 6.6kw 8.0kw 8.5kw 9.0kw